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Clash Royale Magical Archer

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Clash royal magical archer is not quite a wizard. And Clash Royale Magical Archer is not an archer too. He is a splash and chip troop. His shots cause small damage even if you splash through it. Magic Archer can shoot a magical arrow. The arrow passes through the enemy and every enemy that surrounds him. And this is the magic work. You can unlock this card from the Arena 11 – Electro Valley. The Magical Archer is a long-ranged unit guy, and he is an area damage troop. He can shoot arrows. Those arrows go linearly to damage its target and other surrounding enemy units in its path. The Magical Archer card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.

The Magical Archer has been released not so long ago and it gets harder for players to figure out where to start. It was published on 2nd March 2018. The deploy delay is one second. The rarity is legendary. The type of Clash Royale Magical Archer is Troop.

The Archer Strategy Guides

The best guides for Archer. Magic Archer is good at countering buildings in enemy territory. It is because of his long range and surviving spells. Read the best decks below.

The arrows go through Tower.  You can shoot troops behind the tower if there are enemy troops behind it anmagical archer decksd they will get a damage. So he will target both troops and the tower.

He has a fast hitspeed. He can kill and defeat swarms (Gobling Gang, Skeleton Army). Minion Horde can be destroyed with a Princess Tower and Magic Archer when they help each other there.

Fireball or Poison can destroy the Magical Archer for neutral Elixir trade. (Fireball is a rare card.)

4 shots of a magical archer’s arrow cause 15% to the tower.

Magic Archer can easily hit multiple Skeletons at once with his arrow.

Magical Archer’s arrows can go through the tower, so don’t add your troops around the tower against Magic Archer, because they will receive damage.

He can be efficiently used with the Tornado to defeat large amounts of your enemy troops.

Magic Archer got an increased projectile speed in the balance changes update. You should get used to it. This update changes his abilities. Thanks to his ability, he is less likely to miss troops that are moving fast. So you can start using him, and this is a good sign for every player. Handling of the Magic Archer must be strategic.

Find more guides about Magic Archer in German here – Clash Royale Magieschütze.

As a support troop / unit, he provides an excellent cover from Bats.

Which latest deck is the best with Magic Archer? Which one should you start?

His cost is 4 of Elixir. And this cost is not so high. He has a similar ability to Dart Goblin. He is a latter equivalent to the Dart Goblin. Many players like the Dart. There is also a good deck with Magical Mine Poison.

You can get him with Magic Double Prince and Giant Double Prince.

Spells units best counter him. He is also good with splash units. You should watch out for his long range. You can place a Giant into your deck together with the Magic Archer.

He has a Range of 7 and a projectile range of 11. He can be placed behind King’s Tower thanks to his range. You can use his long range to your advantage.

Sign in clash royale and have fun! Read more latest news on our Hall of Video Games blog. We hope that this is not the last post on Clash Royale. It can take you some time to figure how to use this new card like Flying Machine. This article was posted from a Clash Royale amateur. You can buy him in the shop when you spot the archer.

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